What's New?

Teena Hildebrand , Co-owner of Narrow Gate Winery is writing a cookbook. More than just recipe's , it is also a testament to their faith in God and his hand is the success of the winery,  vineyards and marriage.  As part of the book, Teena wanted to incorporate the 10 Seasons of the Life Cycle of the Vine.   She asked if I would create the simple sketches that would grace the book.   Shown below, these are not assembled in the order of the seasons, with some more "simple" than others. The seasons are : Grafting The Seed, Budbreak and Leafing out, Flowering, Fruit Set, Veraison, Harvest, Dormancy and Winter Pruning.  The True Vine , a full head trained vine and also the name for God John 15:1, is the final chapter.  

The originals (8 x 10 and smaller before framing)  will be available for purchase at the time of the book release. Please contact me directly at joeycattone@comcast.net